Asian Olympics first began at the University of Texas at Austin in 1980 originally named Đại Hội Thể Thao and has historically been hosted by the Vietnamese Students Association of their respective universities. 

Asian Olympics annually rotates between the University of Texas at Austin, the University of Texas at Arlington, and Texas A&M University. It is a 3-day event that involves cultural awareness and competitive sports. Participants come from several different states and over 15 different universities every year. Over 1,500 people participate in this event to show off their skills and meet new people. Members of the Vietnamese Students Association throughout Texas help organize, host, and volunteer to make this tradition possible. Thank you to everyone for your continued support!

The following list is the past host schools and their coordinators, as well as the projected location for future Asian Olympics. If your school & VSA would like to use your campus to host, please contact us at chair@asianolympics.org. We would love to see Asian Olympics expand & grow!


  • 2018 - no event held
  • 2017 - UT Arlington, Aristopher Tran
  • 2016 - UT Austin, Andrew Pham
  • 2015 - Texas A&M, Steven Kung
  • 2014 - UT Arlington, Peter Dao & Chi Vu
  • 2013 - UT Austin, Vivian Nguyen
  • 2012 - Texas A&M, Kevin Chung
  • 2011 - UT Arlington, Peter Dao & Chi Vu
  • 2010 - UT Austin, Ronnie Huynh
  • 2009 - Texas A&M, Long Nguyen
  • 2008 - UT Arlingon, Huong Duong
  • 2007 - UT Austin, Lucy Dang
  • 2006 - no event held
  • 2005 - UT Arlington
  • 2004 - UT Austin, Tien Bui


If you have information about any previous years, please tell us at info@asianolympics.org


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